Welcome !  My hopes for this website lie in the areas of self expression and also in enlarging the scope of my business arena.  I'm hoping that jewelry lovers the world over may become familiar with and enchanted by the endless creativity and beauty of the creations of silversmiths who have lived in the Southwestern United States.  The descriptions will hopefully be somewhat informative regarding what makes each piece notable, and I would love to hear any additional observations you may have.


The items reside in a welcoming gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico which I share with Erich Erdoes of Buffalo Tracks.  Here you will find a wide selection of vintage Indian jewelry as well as exquisite 19th century Plains beadwork , which is Erich's area of expertise.  Please pay us a visit if you are in New Mexico! 


We strive to make all of our interactions in the world of commerce harmonious and enjoyable!